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What to Expect!

What should I wear?

We dress casually!  We've had everything from suits to PJs come through our doors, as long as it covers you it doesn't make a difference to us.  Our motto in 2023 is "Come as you are! Leave Changed!"

Is there something for my kids?

Yes, we like for our kids to stay with us during the worship portion and then we release the kids ages 3- 5th grade to go to the kids' theatre for a message designed for them.  For younger kids, we have a nursery area that we staff when needed and/or you are welcome to keep them in adult service with you.

Can I bring a pet?

We have pets visit from time to time and we enjoy having them. However, it's normally not recommended for the simple fact that pets don't always get along well with others. And when that happens it is very distracting for everyone.

How long do services last?

We start at 9:30 and are typically finished around 11:30

What do you believe?

Well, that's a big question, but to oversimplify it, we believe the Bible is the inspired, authoritative word of God.  This means, we believe in one God and His son Jesus Christ, who was crucified, buried and dead until he rose after three days and showed himself alive to many of his followers.  We believe Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit to live inside of us to empower us to do good works and to take His message to every corner of the earth. And finally, we believe He is coming again soon.



We believe the church is changing almost as rapidly as the culture we live in, and God has put on our hearts to be the biblical church, without any compromise on biblical doctrine, but with the ability to move forward in flexibility and creativity when in comes to church traditions.


We believe that unconditional love is at the core of what Jesus taught.That means both loving God and loving people.  And when people experience unconditional love they receive a boldness and a self confidence that only comes from Christ and that allows them to love others like Christ. We are a christian church that seeks to do this every day.



Darby and Melissa Davis

Darby and Melissa have two kids Addison and Breckin.  They love Jesus are passionate about serving people here and abroad and getting the message of Jesus out to every corner of the globe.  They are Colorado natives and love biking, spending time in nature, and with family.




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