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Has anyone told you how much you are loved recently? No? Well let's tell you just how loved you are...

The Creator of everything you see, the mountains in front of you, the air you breathe. He created it all. He loved you so much that He took YOUR mistakes and died so that YOU can walk in freedom. Crazy right? 

He's not the only one that loves you though. WE love you because He loves you! No matter what mistakes you made or are going to make, you are welcome just as you are. That's pretty cool. 


Did you know that when God made you He was in awe of what He made? The bible says God took time to look back at His creation and He saw it was good. Wow. That means the all creating God looked at YOU and celebrated what He made you to be. 

Don't lose hope. You are celebrated in the moments you feel so hopeless. 

Celebrated poster.png


You belong. You may feel like you are so alone. Like you don't belong in this world. It's a lie. God designed you with such passion and intent. He created community so that you wont be alone. 

So jump in! You're welcome to come just as you are but our prayer is that we all leave changed!

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