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I already have a Church!

As I think about this statement I realize that it is a fictitious statement that I made up to represent a feeling people have about church, and though it probably goes without saying I'll say it anyways because thats how I roll. The "church" Jesus talked about in scripture is not one building with one name, in one town, but the whole body of believers across continents, organizations, skin colors, and generations of people. It is the bride of Christ, not the possession of a person or group of people. Now since that has been said I think what it comes down to is this, we are starting a new church because God put this on our hearts. We know that if you're a believer that you are probably already connected to a group of other believers, which is great, and cliche or not, we are not out to attract believers from other churches but our goal is to live lives that shine the light of Jesus into every dark corner of the globe in the hopes that at least a few people will be attracted to the light and not repulsed by it. But we also know that there will be believers and non-believers alike who God calls to help us in this effort.

So, if you already have a church, great, stay there! Unless, of course, God is moving you into a new season and has told you something different, in which case you should probably listen. And if church means something besides the body of believers who come together to love God and love each other than maybe it's time to go back to the basics and let God show you what church means. Which is exactly the journey that we feel we are on.

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